Yoga at Samsara Wellness Studio is a best cure for mental or physical any problem

Yoga at Samsara Wellness Studio is a best cure for mental or physical any problem

Thursday 19th Apr 2018

35 days ago

Life is not a bed of roses, especially the most troubled phase of life is when relationships become unstable. I had been in a nasty and toxic relationship for past 11 years since I got married. It was the darkest phase of my life as I had left with totally shattered confidence and distracted mind. I had been trying hard for years to get settled in my life but despite several compromises, I had left with no option but to get the divorce. Divorce was the toughest decision of my life.

I had to assemble parts of my life post-divorce. I had no peace of mind and there were a lot of problems waiting for me on my way. I started taking anti-depressants and sedatives to soothe my mind. Nothing worked in long-term and my health started deteriorating rapidly. I had not a single clue how to get composed and save my children’s lives as their father was least concerned about them. After so many efforts I got a job in a pub where I made few friends.Thankfully I got a company which was supportive and helping. Listening to all my problems, a colleague of mine suggested me to start yoga to get back to life and regain concentration. I did not believe it earlier but I had no other option. I had no idea about any good wellness studio or yoga centre in Wandsworth. After getting initial information from few acquaints I visited Samsara Wellness Studio to get initial information about yoga class schedule and charges. The class fee was reasonable, the schedule had to be adjusted with my job timing. I wanted to meet yoga instructor to get an idea about my possible chemistry with him or her.

The representative of Samsara Mind and Body fixed my meeting with Sue Gregory. She is such a nice woman with a lot of knowledge and expertise of yoga. She is also an avid runner and gym enthusiast who started her yoga practice in 2007. With yoga experience of 10 years, Sue suggested me several good poses to get back to life by gaining peace of mind. She encourages me to join classes at my earliest to get the desired outcomes.

I decided to join yoga from coming week of my visit as my mind had gone quite weak due to continuous problems and a bad situation I was facing about life. I joined Sue’s class and practised mainly Savasana, Ardha Padmasana and Uttanasana pose initially for peace of mind. The results were actually very comforting and surprisingly as well. I started gaining peace of mind from the very first week of joining yoga classes. I regained my concentration for work that my manager appreciated me for my improved performance in appraisal meeting.

The decision of joining yoga classes proved really healthy for me. I thanked my colleague who suggested me to join yoga and Sue as well whom efforts and attention got me back to life. If you are facing any kind of mental or physical issue in Putney, Wandsworth, Wimbledon and Southfields. For details call them on 0208 874 4500.